Lil Yachty Revives A Classic McDonald’s Anthem In New Ad For The Restaurant

McDonald’s is no stranger to celebrity cameos and collaborations and that includes musicians. Often that comes through their own custom celebrity meals, of which they’ve done multiple. K-pop group BTS, reggaeton singer J Balvin and subsequently pop icon Mariah Carey have all lent their names to specific meals from the restaurant. The rap world is also well represented with Travis Scott, Saweetie, and Cardi B having collaborated in the past.

But in their new advertisement, they’re taking the hip-hop collaboration in a much more literal direction. For a new commercial in Canada, where McDonald’s is celebrating their new remix menu, they got Lil Yachty to do a remix of his own. In the ad he delivers an updated version of the classic “Menu Song” from advertisements the restaurant aired in the 80s. Yachty in particular feels like the perfect choice for the collab, as he’s spoken in the past about working for McDonald’s as a teenager. Take a look at the full remix he delivered below.

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Lil Yachty Steals The Show In New McDonald’s Advertisement

Over the weekend, Lil Yachty flirted with creating controversy. He shared a video explaining why he thinks some rappers are so angry, and they might have been offended by it if it wasn’t so funny. Yachty claims that the simple reasons some rappers are so angry is that “they’re ugly.” The hilarious clip made the rounds online and didn’t seem to cause too much trouble for the rapper.

Yachty has been working with a ton of young up and coming artists recently. He recently formed his own label, Concrete Rekordz. Additionally the project already has multiple signees who have dropped a few songs as “Concrete Boys. “ There’s also a label compilation album from Concrete Boys releasing in just a few days. What do you think of Lil Yachty’s new McDonald’s advertisement? Do you think it’s impressive that he went from working at McDonald’s to collaborating with the restaurant? Let us know in the comment section below.

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