LL Cool J Thinks Drake Made A Bad Choice In Battling Kendrick Lamar

LL Cool J has been on a press run lately. He dropped the single “Saturday Night Special” and made some controversial comments regarding Andre 3000’s flute playing. The most hotly-discussed topic a rapper could mention in 2024, though, is the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. LL has plenty to say on the topic during a recent interview with Hot 97’s TT Torrez. Not mind-blowing takes in terms of stance, but still a fascinating POV from someone who’s had beef in the past.

LL Cool J told Torrez that Kendrick Lamar was the definitive winner in the battle. It’s pretty uncontested among hip-hop fans, but the rapper did make a point of giving Drake his props. “Kendrick won the battle. I mean, come on,” he noted. “That’s obvious. That’s a no-brainer. And listen, I like Drake. I love his music, he’s a cool dude. We don’t know each other but I like his music. I’m happy for him and everything.” Cool J then made the comment that caught most fans’ attention. He suggested that the 6 God ultimately made a bad choice when he decided to butt heads with Dot. “Kendrick… that might have been a bad choice,” he added. “I like him but Kendrick did his thing.”

LL Cool J Still Thinks Drake Handled Himself Well

LL Cool J, who has been recognized by many as a precursor to Drake’s R&B-leaning sound, broadened the topic. He placed both Drake and Lamar in the greater context of rap history, and claimed that both men have secured their place. “It was great for Hip Hop culture, don’t get it twisted,” LL noted. “Both of their names will be etched in history because of it.” The rapper also reminded fans how good the Drake disses were, even if they were overshadowed. “Even us just talking about it now is etching it into history,” he concluded. “Both of them are super talented, they both did great. It ain’t like Drake completely and utterly played himself.”

LL Cool J voicing passion for hip-hop as a culture could not have come at a better time. The rapper-turned-actor is currently working on a new album. His first album, actually since, 2013. The album will be produced by another genre legend, Q-Tip, and will release sometime in the fall. Interestingly, a feature on his lead single, Rick Ross, is one of the many rappers who declared war on Drake earlier this year. To be fair to LL, it’s hard to avoid rappers who haven’t beefed with Drake at this point.

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