LOGIC LDOT – “Mgm Grand Detroit M10” (Album Review)

Logic LDOT is an established veteran mc from Detroit, Michigan. His newest album “MGM Grand Detroit M10” was put together using his darkest moments, which include being shot eight times and fighting the urge to commit suicide. With topics, this gruesome, will Logic be able to turn his pain into a heartfelt masterpiece?

We don’t just see Logic LDOT’s lyrical skill; we see his versatility as well. From the intro “Say a Prayer”, the pain is flowing through LDOT’s vocals as he reminisces on his comeback story. Tracks like “The Right Way” and “Still an Option” are hard-hitting bangers while “It’s So Hard” and “Sometimes” are emotional ballads that focus on the various conflicts the Detroit rapper has faced in his life. A definite standout was the absolute banger of a posse cut “Blessings” with 52 Savage, the Prezident C Walker, and co-founder of Three 6 Mafia Project Pat. On the second half of the album, we start to see even more introspective tracks as Logic unravels who he is. “Believe Me” and “Too Far Gone” shows this at its best as LDOT does some serious soul searching in these moments. On the contrary side, the record tends to drag on with its seventeen song long tracklist. Most of its middle could have been cut out as it doesn’t contribute much to the overall story LDOT is trying to tell. Ending on a high note, “Thank Ya’ll 2019” is the perfect outro as LDOT finishes the vision he has been forming for an hour at this point. Overall, Logic LDOT shows his talent and, more importantly, the raw emotion and heart which goes into his music.

Sonically, the album has a gritty soundtrack that embodies the feel Logic LDOT is going for. “The Right Way” and “Too Far Gone” capture the menacing feel of street life while “Sometimes” and “The Night” depicts the pain which coincides with it. “Mobb Music” definitely stood out to me as its vibrant synths make it feel like an atmospheric club banger. “Believe Me” and “Please Don’t Go” are great tone switchers as they contain more laid-back instrumentals than the rest of the tracklist. “Thank Y’all 2019” gives MGM an epic closing with its intense rock-influenced instrumental. While each instrumental is not revolutionary, they all get the job done at the least. All in all, the production on this record is formidable against others in its weight class. 

In conclusion, “MGM Grand Detroit M10” is an excellent addition to the ever-growing catalog of Logic LDOT. The project is heartfelt and personal while also having a handful of cuts that can be listened to casually. My only citric with the record is that it clocks in over an hour of running time, which defiantly feels a little bloated as a fair share of it could have been left off. Going forward, I think LDOT will continue to grow and improve as an artist, and if you want to witness it happen, be sure to follow @logiccalent on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10 

Highlights: Lyricism, Versatility, Depth