Maiya The Don Recruits Flo Milli For Remix Of Her Braggadocious 2023 Hit “Expensive”

Back in early 2023, Flo Milli tapped Maiya The Don for a remix of one of her early hits, “Conceited.” Now, the Mobile, Alabama rapper is returning the favor, by helping out the native New Yorker in the same capacity. The newcomer, who got her start in 2021, dropped her debut project in October of 2023, Hot Commodity. On it, Maiya The Don struck gold with “Expensive,” but now Flo Milli is in the fold for this remix.

“Expensive” is a song about flaunting wealth and everything that comes with. Both rappers have made tracks similar to this, so the energy is right in their wheelhouses. With this new version, there are hardly any changes instrumentally. Structurally though, Maiya The Don’s first verse is gone, and replaced with Flo’s toxic bars. “He wanna spoon me, treat me utensils / Don’t do what I say and that boy gettin’ canceled (He gone) / Got a bag? That mean you can spoil me.”

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Listen To “Expensive” By Maiya The Don & Flo Milli

A second pre-chorus has also been thrown in, following Milli’s verse. “AP watch, I put it in their face / Yeah, tell a ho to get a taste.” It is also longer than Maiya’s pre-chorus, which still stays in the mix. All in all the chemistry is solid, and we can see more collabs out them.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new single and remix, “Expensive” by Maiya The Don and Flo Milli? Do you think this was a necessary adjustment to add the Alabama rapper, why or why not? Is this one of her stronger offerings as of late? Do you still have Hot Commodity in your rotation? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Maiya The Don and Flo Milli. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everything lavish, look at the way that I’m livin’
I ain’t been broke in a minute
Where is the b****es that said they was f***in’ with me?
Hands up, I’m takin’ attendance
I’m on they a**, workin’ to make me a bag, spend it as soon as I get it
I should be handin’ out W2’s to you h*es, y’all b****es stay in my business

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