Marlon Wayans Speaks After His Los Angeles Home Was Burglarized

Marlon Wayans recently found himself in an unexpected situation when his Los Angeles home was reportedtly burglarized. However, true to his comedic nature, Marlon took to social media to address the incident with his characteristic wit and charm. In the video posted to Instagram, Wayans reassured his fans and followers. He expressed gratitude for their concern and well-wishes following the reported burglary. In the caption accompanying the video, he wrote, “God is so Good. Everyone is fine. I’m grateful.”

Known for his humor both on and off the screen, Marlon Wayans didn’t miss the opportunity to inject some candidness into the situation. Addressing the robbers directly, he declared, “I am the WRONG N***** to ROB.” He humorously pointed out the lack of valuables in his home, emphasizing, “Save your energy. I don’t have anything valuable in my house except MY HOUSE.” Wayans went on to paint a vivid picture of his modest lifestyle, mentioning his two cats and a 1994 Range Rover. He noted that one of the cats and the car would be more trouble than they are worth to steal. “You will need a jumpstart if you steal it cuz the battery is dead,” he wrote.

Marlon Wayans

Turning serious for a moment, Marlon Wayans advised against such criminal acts, urging potential burglars to reconsider their choices. “Robbers don’t waste your energy or your life doing home invasions, s–t is too heavy!!! You want to carry all that bull—t? Throw your back out, and for what?!” His candid remarks underscored the pointlessness of targeting his home. In a final gesture of goodwill and humor, Wayans signed off with a message of love, saying, “Please pick a better target, thank you and love you… still.”

Furthermore, Marlon Wayans’ response to the burglary was a testament to his resilience and humor in the face of adversity. “I don’t carry wads of cash, I use credit cards,” he said. “Go down the street, there’s lots of flashy n**** over there,” he concluded in the video. Thankfully, it appears Marlon Wayans remains unfazed by the incident. Fans showed their solidarity. Looks like the jokes on the robbers this time!