Meek Mill Asserts His Importance To Hip-Hop In Long New Twitter Rant

Meek Mill has had his legacy called into question repeatedly online recently for a variety of reasons. It began with his new EP selling a pretty underwhelming amount of copies, something fans haven’t let him live down. Then just a few weeks later he was named in the lawsuit filed against Diddy by producer Lil Rod. Even though everyone involved has denied all of the allegations that didn’t stop fans from taking them at face value and attacking Meek online.

Now he’s beginning the steps of defending himself, starting with a 2023 interview with DJ Drama where he shut down Meek being the Jay-Z of his generation. To say his reaction came off a bit incoherent would be an understatement. “I give yall my honest without speaking on drake …. Bike life culture ‘meek billionaire culture connected to rap … really been through poverty the system ‘meek’ really changing laws ‘meek’ showed the most new artist love with my platform ‘meek'” his tweet reads. That led to a series of tweets where he defended his legacy and his place in hip hop. Check out the tweet that kicked the thread off below.

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Meek Mill Standing Up For Himself

Later tweets in the thread saw Meek trying to speak to his credibility as a social justice advocate. “I really changed like 4 laws that really help stop the cycle of probation for the average person coming up in our culture! Through Mike Rubin and Kevin hart I’ve donated and help bring millions to the city of Philadelphia! We have real job fairs with reform!” one post reads. “I been in all the jungles lifting communities up for years …. And my rap skills are incredible! Like really really good,” the series of posts concludes.

What do you think of Meek Mill’s bizarre Twitter rant attempting to remind fans of his status in hip hop? Do you think he made any compelling arguments in his series of posts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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