Megan Fox Sets The Record Straight About Her Cosmetic Surgery History

Megan Fox has finally broken her silence about the extent of plastic surgery she’s had. “That’s something I’ve literally been accused of having six, seven, eight rhinoplasty surgeries, which is impossible. Your nose would get necrosis and fall off. I haven’t had a rhinoplasty since I was, I’m going to say 23. It’s been well over a decade. I’ve not touched my nose since then,” Fox told the Call Her Daddy podcast. Furthermore, she also revealed that she had her first breast enhancement surgery between filming the first two Transformers films and has since had two touch-up procedures.

Additionally, Fox dispelled a number of common rumors about her cosmetic surgery history, as well as one procedure she isn’t ready to share yet. “I’ve never had a facelift of any kind. So no midface lift, no lateral brow lift, although I would like one or no regular brow lift. I’ve never done threads. I’ve never had [buccal fat removal] done. I’ll never have any fat removed. I’m a very lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face, so I’ll only ever put fat in. No BBL. But there’s one thing I had done that I’m gatekeeping because it was really good and it’s not a known plastic surgery. People don’t even really know about it,” Fox added.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Rock Matching Kill Bill Halloween Costumes

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Janie’s Fund)

Elsewhere, Fox and Megan Gun Kelly embraced the more macabre aspects of their relationship, rocking a killer-victim dynamic for their Halloween costumes this year. MGK dressed as The Bride, Uma Thurman’s iconic character from Kill Bill. Meanwhile, Fox dressed as Gogo Ubari, the infamous “schoolgirl assassin” who provides one of Kill Bill: Part 1‘s most memorable fights. However, Gogo also ends up as one of The Bride’s victims, famously bleeding from her eyes as she dies. Fox made sure to include the tear-like blood in her costume.

However, the appearance also marked a turning point for the couple. The pair spent most of 2023 reconciling after Fox abruptly called off their wedding. According to reports, MGK has been working hard to win Fox back after being unfaithful to her. “They have done a lot of work to make their relationship strong again and are back together. They are engaged, but are not wedding planning,” an insider told PEOPLE in the run-up to Halloween.

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