Metro Boomin Refutes Claim That “Like That” Only Hit #1 Because Of Drake, Reveals His Phone Was Hacked By Toronto Number Shortly Before Album Release

It’s been a few days of good news for Metro Boomin and Future. Last week they released their highly-anticipated collaborative album WE DON’T TRUST YOU. The project came on the back of more than a year of teasing, so much so that it became a joke among Metro’s fans. But as the chart announcements are rolling out it’s been nothing but success for the record. Over the weekend it was announced that the project soared to a #1 debut on the Billboard 200. Not only did it hit the top spot, but it scored the biggest tracking week of the year so far.

But the album itself wasn’t the only thing to debut at #1. The track “Like That” also skyrocketed to the top spot of the Hot 100. That track was propelled by a Kendrick Lamar feature that had everyone talking after he took shots at both Drake and J. Cole. Some fans suggested that mentioning Drake is the only reason the song reached the number one spot, something Metro didn’t appreciate. He responded to those claims in an Instagram comment. “Album was going #1 regardless. There was gonna be a #1 single regardless. Get off d*ck that man don’t even know y’all” Metro’s comment reads. Check out his full response below.

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Metro Boomin Refutes Fan Claims

In another unrelated post, Metro Boomin revealed some mysterious phone calls that he got shortly before the release of the album. “It all started 2 days before the album dropped and all these 416 numbers would call me back 2 back a million times. Got so bad I had to keep my phone on airplane mode,” his tweet read. It was attached to a picture of the calls he’s been receiving. Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the phone numbers all shared the area code of Drake’s native Toronto.

Do you think “Like That” would have still hit number one even if Kendrick Lamar didn’t mention Drake? Do you think Drake was somehow responsible for the phone calls Metro Boomin was getting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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