Mustard Esssential Songs

From the streets of Los Angeles to the top of the charts, Mustard has cemented himself as a cornerstone of hip-hop and R&B. Born Dijon McFarlane, Mustard’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of innovation and a deep understanding of the genre’s roots. Emerging in the early 2010s, he brought a fresh, minimalist approach to production that revitalized West Coast hip-hop and influenced the global music scene.

DJ Mustard’s signature sound is instantly recognizable, marked by its infectious basslines, crisp snares, and the iconic “Mustard on the beat, ho!” tag. It’s a sound that captures the essence of L.A.’s vibrant music culture. He mixes the grit and glamour of the city into a sonic experience that is raw and polished. Over the years, he has collaborated with an array of artists. These range from burgeoning talents to established stars, crafting hits that resonate across dance floors and airwaves. His evolution as a producer reflects a keen ability to adapt and innovate while staying true to the foundational elements that first captured our ears. Here, we delve into five essential tracks encapsulating DJ Mustard’s journey.

1. “Rack City” By Tyga (2011)

In 2011, Tyga’s “Rack City” made a considerable impact, signaling a significant change in the hip-hop scene. It also introduces DJ Mustard as a groundbreaking producer. Hailing from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, Mustard’s production style on “Rack City” stood out against the heavily layered beats dominating the charts. The track’s hard-hitting bassline stripped down hip-hop to its pulsating core, reflecting the hustle of LA’s streets.

“Rack City” wasn’t just a hit; it became an anthem that brought the party from LA’s clubs to the global stage. The track reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its simplicity was its brilliance, making it an instant classic that resonated with fans and club-goers. The success of “Rack City” also showcased DJ Mustard’s talent for creating beats that were both innovative and deeply rooted in the West Coast sound. This track not only propelled Tyga into the spotlight but also solidified DJ Mustard as the pioneer of a new era in hip-hop, where less was undeniably more.

2. “Paranoid” By Ty Dolla $ign (Featuring B.o.B) (2013)


“Paranoid” by Ty Dolla $ign and B.o.B was a turning point in Mustard’s career. It showed that he could blend different types of music together seamlessly. This record was about him working with Ty Dolla $ign on something that mixed R&B sensibility with Mustard’s signature minimalistic style. It formed one smooth package from start to finish. What did this sound like? Think clean hi-hats backing a catchy chorus over an unforgettable instrumental.

At the same time though, what did it do for DJ Mustard? Well, it gave him several chart-toppers on Billboard Hot 100 and introduced many people nationwide who otherwise wouldn’t have cared about West Coast anthems. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you were ever under the impression that all DJ Mustard can do is make songs for the clubs, then think again. Not only can he create radio-friendly tracks too, but also—this song is that it really shows us how versatile an artist like Dijon McFarlane truly is. “Paranoid” remains such a statement within his discography – it represents so much more than just another banger.

3. “My N*gga” By YG (Featuring Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan) (2013)


YG’s 2013 track, “My N*gga,” is the perfect example of his ability to produce street bangers that hit hard. The song features Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan and showcases the unpolished intensity often found in Mustard’s beats. A throbbing bass line and sharp claps form a stripped-down yet infectious backdrop for boastful verses from the guest emcees.

Further, the single shot up the charts. It ultimately peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned heavy club rotation. But “My N*gga” was more than just a successful record; it was a cultural moment that embodied the spirit of West Coast rap. The triumph of this song only established DJ Mustard as a hitmaker capable of channeling street energy into chart-toppers. This track served as an important milestone in his career. It represented another step towards building a recognizable sound for modern-day Southern California hip-hop with YG at its forefront. Regarding discography alone, “My N*gga” is one of DJ Mustard’s most impactful songs simply because it shows how less can become more when connecting deeply with listeners’ hearts.

4. “2 On” By Tinashe (Featuring ScHoolboy Q) (2014)


In 2014, DJ Mustard showed his wide-ranging skills and ability to connect different styles by producing Tinashe’s breakout single “2 On.” The song mixed the mellow, seductive qualities of R&B with the high-energy energy of hip-hop. It was a combination that was fresh as well as universally likable. As for the beat itself, it’s classic Mustard: a stripped-down groove built from a deep bass line, snapping snares, and a sing-song hook. Tinashe glides through the track with sultry ease while ScHoolboy Q adds some street-level grit to his guest verse, making for a smooth and savvy record.

“2 On” quickly became an anthem for the summer. It peaked at No. 24 on the Hot 100 and was inescapable on radio and in clubs. But the song also proved that DJ Mustard could cook up hits that lived outside of genre boundaries. He’d become just as much of an asset to R&B singers as he had been to rappers. It’s essential because it showcased his ability to make crossover records. This also emphasizes his status as someone who could easily conquer charts and dance floors. More importantly, though, this track further cemented his reputation as a hit-maker who refuses to color inside of genre lines. DJ Mustard only knows how to create music that is both forward-thinking and commercially successful.

5. “Post to Be” By Omarion (Featuring Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko) (2014)


A masterclass in DJ Mustard’s star-making signature style mixed with big-name features, “Post to Be” is the 2014 track that shows how it should be done. With Omarion, Chris Brown, and Jhené Aiko on deck, hooks and vocals are guaranteed; but its production truly sets this song apart from other collabs. It wouldn’t be a Mustard beat without bouncy rhythms accompanied by crisp hi-hats – which still manage to hit hard even though they’re not too heavy themselves. This is all underneath a bassline, demanding that no one can stay still while listening, especially when considering how well each artist plays off one another throughout each verse. Omarion delivers those suave lines only he can pull off so effortlessly, followed by some charismatic bars courtesy of Chris Brown himself before closing things out strong, thanks largely partly to Jhene Aiko’s unforgettable line.

All these elements came together perfectly enough to make “Post To Be” No. 13 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. This made it both a commercial smash success and a club banger favorite for many years. People are still playing this song every chance they get at parties or just driving around town, blasting their radios with windows rolled down wide open, singing along word-for-word.