Naomi Osaka Picks Kendrick Lamar Over Drake And Wants Another Diss Track From the LA Rapper

The rap beef between Kendrick Lamar has been a wild saga. The beef has reached all corners of the culture, including sports. Tennis star Naomi Osaka has just declared that she thinks Kendrick has won the beef and really wants the rapper to put out another song like “Not Like Us.” Naomi really enjoys the song, and though she is a peaceful person, she can’t deny how good it is. The tennis superstar is the latest to pick a winner in what has been weeks of back-and-forths between Drake and Kendrick.

When speaking about the beef, Osaka made sure to clarify that she is a “pacifist” and “neutral party” in the beef. She then ultimately sided with Kendrick. Osaka went on to describe her love for Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” which she has been enjoying on repeat and using for her walk-out music. All in all, Naomi is having fun with what has come out of the feud, and she thinks Kendrick’s song is the clear winner and highlight of the whole ordeal. 

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Naomi Osaka Wants Another Kendrick Diss Track

the four-time Grand Slam title champion said of “Not Like Us,” “Kendrick dropped some heat.” She continued, “That last song is amazing, and I played it while walking onto the court.” Osaka was asked by a reporter if she thought the Compton rapper should drop another diss track. Osaka replied, “Yeah. Sorry.” she then explained why it should lowkey happen. She explained, “Technically, Kendrick dropped that song, then Drake dropped “The Heart Part 6,” so technically Kendrick could drop another two if he wanted to,” 

Subsequently, Osaka brought up a similar topic that was discussed in “The Heart Part 6,” when Drake discussed the conflict and said he’s “happy I could motivate you” since Kendrick’s fans are actually “getting raps” out of the MC. All signs point to Drake having lost the battle. People are declaring Kendrick the winner, saying Drake’s last diss didn’t go over that well. Overall, Naomi Osaka is happy to have gotten such an entertaining track from Kendrick Lamar. Maybe the beef was worth it just for that.

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