NBA Youngboy Reacts To His Son Doing The Bad Word Challenge

Earlier this year a new viral challenge for parents on TikTok took the platform by storm. It’s called the Bad Word Challenge and saw parents leaving their children alone in a room with the promise that they can say a single swear word. The results have been hilarious and show a variety of different attitudes from the various kids who try it. Some celebrity children even got in on it, with XXXTENTACION’s son being more interested in showing off his outfit than saying any bad words.

NBA Youngboy’s son also got to try his hand at the challenge, though the rapper probably wishes he hadn’t. In the hilarious video Youngboy’s son makes pretty generous use of the opportunity unleashing a pretty excited tirade of bad words. Though the results are hilarious, the rapper himself doesn’t seem to think so. He pulled up in the comments saying “ma tell him I don’t want to see this no more.” Check out the video of his challenge and Youngboy’s reaction to it below.

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NBA Youngboy’s Son Doing The Bad Word Challenge

Whenever the subject of parenting comes up publicly for Youngboy he gets some backlash from fans. That’s because of a comment he made in an interview earlier this year. He described himself as not being “big” on the very concept of fatherhood. Those comments are thrown back at him nearly every time something similar to this bad word challenge happens.

NBA Youngboy has already dropped one new project this year. He unleashed the label compilation Compliments Of Gravedigger Mountain earlier this month. But unsurprisingly, it didn’t take him long to confirm his next project. Last week, Youngboy announced his new album I Just Got A Lot On My Shoulders and shared the album’s lead single “Catch Him.” What do you think of NBA Youngboy’s reaction to his son’s bad word challenge? Do you think he has any right to be upset given his previously established views on fatherhood? Let us know in the comment section below.

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