NFL Fans Heated After League Bans Hip-Drop Tackle

The NFL is the most successful sport in America. Year after year, the league is the sport that is watched the most, and the results are not even close. However, over the last few years the league has made it their mission to subtract any type of physical act from a game that has to be played physically. Today was just another step in the wrong direction as football will be changed forever with the banning of the hip-drop tackle.

Yes, in a slow-motion replay, the hip-drop tackle doesn’t look pretty. But, any fan will tell you that. However, banning it seems almost impossible. When the goal of a defensive player is to take down an offensive player, but can’t take them down too close to their head or too close to their ankles, it leaves very little chance for anywhere else. Nevertheless, the league is banning the tackle and fans are less than thrilled. Here are some of the best reactions from fans upon hearing the news.

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Fans & Former NFL Players Begin Sounding Off

Many are of the belief that the hip-drop tackle term is a relatively new word the NFL has created. Even Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dungy doesn’t have a clue what the term hip-drop tackle even means. Yes, the league is looking out for player safety. However, they’re also not listening to the players or the coaches in the process of making the game safer. Which doesn’t add up to someone from the outside looking in.

No matter anyone’s opinion on the matter, next season will see NFL officials make calls they’ve never been trained to do. Without question, games will be decided on hip-drop tackle penalties. When in reality most see them as just a regular tackle. Do you believe the NFL got it right with this new rule? Sound off in the comments with what you think the league should do. Additionally, for the latest news in sports, keep it right here with HNHH.

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