Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Li Claims She Was Bullied Over Minaj’s Success

Nicki Minaj is the most successful female rapper of all time. She continues to break records more than a decade and a half into her career, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down. She will go down as one of the defining rappers of her generation, regardless of gender. In other words, Nicki Minaj casts a massive shadow. It would be extremely difficult to break through in the same field as Minaj, especially as a family member. This is what makes Ming Li Minaj’s recent comments so revelatory.

Ming Li recently went on the We In Miami podcast. She discussed her burgeoning music career, and her complicated relationship with Nicki Minaj, her older half-sister. Nepotism has become a talking point in recent years, but Ming Li claims her family ties actually made things harder for her growing up. “It was kinda hard,” she admitted. “I used to be bullied a lot because people used to say like ‘Oh if this person was your sister, why didn’t she do this for you?'” Ming Li went on to explain that the bullying she dealt with led to resentment. “At a young age, you don’t know how to answer,” she stated.

Nicki Minaj’s Sister Admits They Were Never Close

The relationship grew more complicated when Ming Li decided to become a rapper. “I never needed her to help me get to my goal,” she asserted. “I just needed her to see that I can do it, and she can be proud of me without having to think that I needed to have a easy way.” Nicki Minaj’s success was daunting for Ming Li on multiple levels. It also led to instances in which Ming Li tried to impress the rapper. “I used to have this urge,” she revealed. “Of wanting to impress my sister.” Part of the desire to impress Minaj was due to the fact that the rapper was always busy. Ming Li claimed that the two were never very close, and they had a propensity to fight whenever they were together.

At the end of the day, though, Ming Li claimed it was all love. The burgeoning rapper attributed her arguments with Minaj as being something that siblings just do. “She was good sister,” Ming Li added. “She would check up on me and my dad from time to time… Always made sure that were good. I don’t have no hate towards her.” As Ming Li’s profile, fans may even get to see her and Nicki Minaj trade bars on the same record.

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