Offset Hilariously Slams Bra To The Ground After Fan Throws It On Stage

Offset is someone who has certainly gone through his fair share of controversies as it pertains to his relationship with Cardi B. Overall, the main problem he has faced has been allegations of cheating. In fact, the two have broken up numerous times in the past. Although they always end up getting back together, there is this consistent feeling that eventually, they will be done with one another for good. That day has yet to happen, and as of right now, they appear to be going strong. Hopefully, that is able to last for the long haul.

Of course, as a famous artist with a lot of influence, there are always women throwing themselves at Offset. This can be especially true at his shows, where there are lots of women in attendance. In the video below from The Shade Room, you can see some of the antics that Offset has to deal with. For instance, while on stage, a woman decided to throw a bra at him. In fact, she had pretty good aim as the bra hit him right in the face. However, he did not skip a beat as he took the bra and threw it directly on the ground with force.

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Offset Has No Time For This

This led to lots of reactions online. Mostly, people were a bit stunned that women still do things like this at shows. Meanwhile, others said it was some sort of publicity stunt. “Knowing him and his wife he probably paid somebody to do that… Tryna have a Chris Brown moment,” someone wrote on The Shade Room. “Stop throwing them musty ahh bras,” said one commenter. “Not the granny bra,” echoed another. Needless to say, Offset seems to know what he’s doing up there.

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