OT7 Quanny Tacks On Five New Tracks To “Leaks, Vol. 2”

There is another budding star making waves in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rap scene once again. It seems like every few months there is someone grabbing people’s attention from the historic city. Lately, Armani White has been that guy, getting co-signs from major players like Denzel Curry and Billie Eilish. In fact, he will be a feature on the former’s upcoming mixtape, The King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 2. But it seems the baton is being handed over to OT7 Quanny now, especially with his new EP, Leaks, Vol. 2. This is the latest project from the 27-year-old, and it spans 10 tracks.

However, this is more of an extended version of the first Leaks, as the original set of five is a part of this larger collection. If you want to know what the new entries are, they are tracks 1-5. According to OT7 Quanny, all of these newer songs on Leaks, Vol. 2. are from 2020. Additionally, it seems that they were highly anticipated, as the rapper claims the project is currently top 15 in the world. Quanny expressed his gratitude to his fans while also respectfully putting other rappers on notice. “Some of y’all favorite rappers got real albums out with real real marketing and we streaming more then them no disrespect but don’t act like this normal”. If that is not enough to tap into his music, then we do not know what will.