Oxnard’s Mark 4ord Is “Lighting Trees” With New Holiday Concept Album

One of the most consistent emcees out the West this year, Oxnard’s Mark 40rd is “Lighting Trees” this Christmas season and he’s got quite the gift for listeners – a holiday concept album that seamlessly blends the heaviness of life in South Oxnard, where Santa sometimes neglects to make an appearance, and the brutal cold of the North Pole. The Oxnard emcee says, “Fuck Santa Claus tho… stressin’ to the core, no presents of the floor, Santa never came ‘cause we was poor, guess he missed gift lists, bills came early, wrecked Christmas, rent due, save that for the lord…” in “Poor,” as a reminder that “Christmas don’t always invoke good memories…”

Exclusively available on his website for purchase, “Lighting Trees” features Hazerd, Roc C, Dex, Theez, and OG David James, with production by Mark 4rd, DJ Manipulator, 4ord (@4ord.910), and JX. Mark 4ord is delivering a different type of vibe and melancholy of A Charlie Brown Christmas in auditory form via dope ass hip hop on Lighting Trees, tune in. Stream “Christmas Eve” off the project above.