Pardison Fontaine Seemingly Responds To Claim About His Card Declining At A Party

Pardison Fontaine had to pop out again on Twitter to seemingly address some rumors floating around him, which has unfortunately been a pretty big part of his 2024 so far. Moreover, one particular user on the social media platform made some unverified and self-admittedly biased claims about him at a recent get-together that he supposedly hosted. “Pardi threw an event at my job n had his friends fighting outside bc his card declined the 10k rental cost,” they wrote. “Had to put it out there bc I don’t like him.” It seems like the rapper responded to this, but not in the way that you would expect from someone presumably looking to deny false accusations.

“Yoooo..” Pardison Fontaine shared on Twitter this week. “I got these people mad as hell [crying-laughing emoji]… I don’t even come on this app enough to see all yall wasted energy.” Furthermore, a lot of folks pointed out that this isn’t much of a denial from him, so he didn’t really close the door on explaining what allegedly happened. It’s all pretty low stakes, though, as many in the comments section of the post below have rightfully pointed out that there are many different reasons as to why a credit card transaction could be declined that have nothing to do with balance. As such, the “Conceited” MC could’ve been dealing with anything if this actually went down.

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Pardison Fontaine Seems To Brush Off Card Decline Story

Regardless, there is sadly still plenty of other gossip around Pardison Fontaine to consume if you’re hungry. Some of this involves his relationship with Jada Kingdom, which a lot of folks are making assumptions about that range from tender to toxic. They haven’t been shy about controversy, whether together or separately, but that’s no reason to go nuclear over every little detail. We’ll see whether people’s wild imaginations really manifest as they think or if these are just more reaches.

Meanwhile, Pardison Fontaine is also still dealing with the fallout of his relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. This was a focal point of the Nicki Minaj beef that the latter experienced earlier this year, and one that seems to have died down since. Still, who knows what could happen next? All we know is that, whatever you’re saying about Pardi with those Twitter thumbs, he’s probably not reading it.

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