Pharrell Seemingly Disses Drake On New Single “Double Life”

Pharrell and Drake have always had a contentious relationship. Pharrell is best friends with Pusha T, the man who obliterated Drake’s public profile in 2018. The issues between Skateboard P and the 6 God was always unspoken, though. The two of them even collaborated on the remix to “Lemon” in 2017. Then the beef with Kendrick Lamar happened, and everything changed. K. Dot claimed to inherit the beef from P, and Drake taunted the Compton rapper by telling him to get Pharrell’s jewelry out of his house. It was all very messy. Many assumed Pharrell would keep quiet on the matter, but he might have just responded.

Pharrell dropped a new single on June 14 titled “Double Life.” The song is part of the Despicable Me 4 soundtrack, which is a franchise that helped the artist land the number one single “Happy.” It may sound wild, the notion of a rap diss being snuck into the soundtrack for a kid’s movie, but it seems like that is what P chose to do here. “Double Life” contains bars that appear to be specifically aimed at Drake and his, well, double life. “Lie detector time,” he raps. “Hey, what are you hiding?” Pharrell doubles down on this mysterious target with the lines: “Nothing wrong being private… Make sure it ain’t wrong.”

Pharrell Targets A Rapper Who’s “Hiding” Things

It’s worth noting that Pharrell is one of the most positive and optimistic voices in hip-hop. He’s always preaching kindness to fellow artists. He’s the guy who made “Happy,” like we said. The thing is, Drake has been sniping at him for a long time. The 6 God threw shots at Pharrell on the 2023 Travis Scott hit “Meltdown.” P is the only artist mentioned in “Family Matters” who didn’t directly diss Drake beforehand. It wouldn’t be absurd to assume Skateboard P decided to crack the seal on negativity for Drake’s sake. Most of the hip-hop did it in 2024 (and it’s June).

Pharrell is also the guy who rapped on and produced “Mr. Me Too” for Clipse. “Mr. Me Too” is diss for Drake’s mentor, Lil Wayne. P and Clipse felt like Weezy was copying their fashion sensibility, so they made a whole song mocking him. In this sense, Pharrell dissing Drake is a long time coming. We don’t have confirmation that Drizzy is the target of Pharrell’s Despicable Me 4 single, but it’s not hard to believe.

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