POLO PERKS <3 <3 <3, FearDorian & AyooLii Pinpoint Their Signature Sound On “A Dog’s Chance”

POLO PERKS <3>A Dog’s Chance. This East Coast-based trio (Harlem and Milwaukee) feels like they have grown up together, as their chemistry on this project is undeniable. From super goofy to intensely lit, these guys are here to kick back and have fun. It is clear they were having a lot of the latter while recording this LP, throwing pressure out the window.

Perhaps the unnamed leader of this group, POLO PERKS <3>A Dog’s Chance out there. “ITS TIME YOU F*** A** N****S ! 15 TRACKS OF STRAIGHT HEAT WE FINNA BANG YALL B**** A** N****S IN THE HEAD to everyone who waited , to the amazing team at Link Full Circle , to everyone who has kept the snippets alive , to our friends who help co produce this album , to our EQ family who went 10 toes bout this project as well , if there’s any one we missed we apologies !!!” This message to his fans is exactly the kind of energy you are going to get for 16 tracks, so check out A Dog’s Chance below.