Producer SAINT JAME$ Begins His Career With A Bang As He Drops “BY ANY MEAN$”

The East Coast, like any other corner of hip-hop, has a distinct sound. It is grimy, rugged, but sometimes smooth and easy going. Those are all of the styles you are going to get on BY ANY MEAN$, the debut album of producer SAINT JAME$. He is cut from the similar cloth that Griselda is from, and that is why you are getting artists of that familiar ilk all over this project. From Conway the Machine to Boldy James, and Rome Streetz to ElCamino, the gang is all here.

BY ANY MEAN$ is a tight listen, spanning just 10 tracks with a scant run time of just 28 minutes and change. For someone looking to get their name out there like SAINT JAME$ is, you would think making longer instrumentals would be the move. However, he still manages to be memorable. Many may not know, but this project was in the works for quite a long time. In fact, SAINT JAME$ explained his gratitude for everyone that was involved and thanked for them for their years’ worth of patience. “Shouts out to @coachbombay3000 for believing in me, this project, being patient and for the guidance and support”, JAMES said.

“Peace, Love and respect to all artists who graced the project. I am humbled and grateful that I had the opportunity to work with some of the dopest artists to EVER rap… A reminder to those who need to hear it, believe in your vision, trust the process and don’t let a setback make you give up. Make your dreams happen BY ANY MEAN$ possible!!!!”. Those words cannot be truer and we wish SAINT JAME$ all the success in the world moving forward.


BY ANY MEANS Tracklist:

  1. LDN>NYC
  2. MORE BRIX (feat. Rome Streetz, Chase Fetti & Kool G Rap)
  3. TRIGGER WARNING (feat. Boldy James, Chase Fetti & Rick Hyde)
  4. CA$H I$ KING (feat. Estee Nack)
  5. JORDAN BOX (feat. Rome Streetz & Estee Nack)
  6. CERTIFIED (feat. Boldy James, Pink Siifu & Hus Kingpin)
  7. SHOW DON’T STOP (feat. Al.Divino & Eto)
  8. GANG GANG (feat. Boldy James & Eto)
  9. MR. PERFECT (feat. Boldy James & ElCamino)
  10. WHERE I’M FROM (feat. Conway The Machine & Rome Streetz)