Rema & Shallipopi Collab For Exhilarating Afrobeats Banger “BENIN BOYS”

Rema has pretty quickly become a mainstay in the Afropop/Afrobeats space, but also just in general. Ever since exploding with his viral radio hit, “Calm Down”, as well as its even more popular remix featuring Selena Gomez, he has managed to keep up the momentum. While his last few releases, including the RAVAGE EP are not on that same level, there is still tons of quality to be had. However, this new Rema/Shallipopi collaboration “BENIN BOYS” has a chance to reach a similar mark.

This is the Benin City native’s first record of 2024, and it seems to be starting the rollout for his sophomore album, HE IS. There is no drop date for the project yet, but we feel pretty good about it will coming out sometime later this summer or early fall. Hopefully, that happens, because “BENIN BOYS” is a rollercoaster ride that continues to twist and turn with every passing second. Both Rema and Shallipopi bring some uncontrollable energy to the already dramatic and thrilling instrumental. From the rhythmic drums to the hard-hitting keys, this track has it all. It makes sense why Rema and Shallipopi are giving this one their all, as this single is about showing love to their “hoods”, the lead artist explains to Rolling Stone. There are plenty of cultural nods in the music video as well, so be sure to check that out too with the link below.

Touchdown Benin boys, gen-gen-gen
Money yapa, money repete (Confirm)
Remy Ekehuan road, Shalli Sapele (Ayy)
Santa Monica touchdown, shekens (Clear road)
They dey like to dey dance the legbeegbe (Eh?)
Na we dey bully, na we dey pepper (Say)