Revenge of the Truence – “H1n1” (EP Review)

Revenge of the Truence is a hardcore hip hop duo from raps mecca, New York City. Consisting of Tay Dayne and MuGGz, the pair has been building up a strong following due to the success of their releases Saints on Swivel and Midnight Run. Their newest EP “H1n1″ is produced by highly respected veteran beat maker Endemic Emerald. The culmination of these three has resulted in possibly their best project to date.

Lyrically, both members of ROT slaughter the microphone on every chance they get. Tay Dane’s witty bars and sophisticated wordplay perfectly compliment MuGGz’s hard-hitting lyrics and chilling delivery. The chemistry the two have built up leading to this release certainly makes H1n1 feel well planned out as the pair’s lines regularly play off one another. The best example of this is on the song “Trading Places”, where the duo goes bar for bar talking about their success stories and current views on the world. The songwriting doesn’t offer anything out of this world, but every word which echoes out of Tay and Muggz’s mouth is powerful as it brings light to their struggles and setbacks. Overall, Tay Dane and Muggz prove their modern wordsmiths with their near-perfect performances.

Handled by producer Endemic Emerald, the production on H1N1 takes the duo to new heights. Implementing an array of sounds and samples, the beats on the project offer a variety of styles to listeners. Genres ranging from jazz, soul, and even classical are fused with traditional boom-bap beats to make an experience like no other. Each beat is multilayered and intricately crafted, especially the tracks “H1n1” and “Major Way”, which engulf the listener in their beauty and complexity. Overall, Endemic Emerald shows off his ability to the highest level on this EP.

In conclusion, H1n1 is Revenge of the Truence’s best project to date. With such profound lyricism and songwriting along with masterful production from Endemic Emerald, there is no wonder the tape is as good as it is. In the future, I’m super excited to see what all three of these talented individuals do with their careers, as I believe each one is just hitting their artistic peak. Be sure to follow @rot4ever @nocurerecords and @endemicemerald on Instagram so you can be the first to listen to what they have coming next!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Production, Chemistry