Rose Dupree – “Quarantine” (EP Review)

Rose Dupree is a rising rapper from Dallas, Texas. After being trapped inside the house for months, Rose decided to put his energy towards a brand new EP titled “Quarantine”. In a time where the culture is flooded with generic projects, will Rose Dupree start a prominent career here, or will he be the next generic rapper who’s music is flooding the market? 

Stylistically, Rose Dupree’s mellow style can be a drag to get through. The most important part of drawing in any listener is a groundbreaking intro, and with “Promenade Punch”, Dupree goes against that standard in every way possible. Adding insult to injury, the constant imagery of sex and women is excessive and gross most of the time. “100 Bitches” and “Flyin to the Bay” are no exception to this as they suffer from the previously stated ideals. There are still some salvageable moments as cuts like “Tex-Mex” taps into his technically proficient and introspective side. If there were more moments like this, I think “Quarantine” could be truly special, but instead, Rose Dupree chooses the easy way out most of the time. 

Sonically, the production on this record only further this sinks it into a hole. While there’s nothing wrong with the mixing, the beat selection is so plain it destroys the EP’s pace. From the lo-fi “Promenade Punch” all the way to choppy “Corinthian’s Outro”, each song follows a simple pattern, and this project collapses because of it. With no sonic risks, the EP leaves little to praise and a lot to hate. Overall, soundtracks like this are what is making hip hop so stale in this day and age.

In conclusion, Rose Dupree shows glimpses of talent on “Quarantine”, but for the most part, we receive a generic interpretation of modern watered down hip hop. With a lifeless delivery, surface-level lyrics, and terrible production, this project is already almost forgotten in my mind. Going forward, I hope Rose Dupree can find his artistic niche and make a name for himself as I think he possesses talent. If you’re like me and want to see what this talented up and comer does next, be sure to follow @Rosedupreemusic on Instagram!

Rating: 5/10

Highlights: Introspectivness