Sexyy Red Will Be Joining Adin Ross On Stream This Week

For the past couple weeks, rapper Sexyy Red and streamer Adin Ross have been going back and forth on Twitter with bizarre allegations. It started with Ross claiming that the pair had sex and accusing Red of being “the dominant one.” Though she joked back at him, she’s repeatedly denied the notion that the two even had sex in the first place. Now to the surprise of many fans, the pair announced an upcoming livestream.

Adin Ross took to Twitter to make the surprise announcement earlier today. Details are currently scant with the tweet simply reading “Friday Adin Ross x Sexyy Red Livestream.” In the comments, fans try and debate whether their recent public back and forth was genuine beef or just marketing to set up their livestream together. Ross is fresh off of a different livestream with a rapper, Playboi Carti, who didn’t go particularly well. Check out the full announcement below.

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Adin Ross Announces Livestream With Sexyy Red

Over the weekend, Sexyy Red released her new single “Get It Sexyy.” The song is off to an incredibly strong start racking up more than 2 million streams on Spotify in just a few days. It’s expected to debut as high as the top 15 on the Hot 100. It’s an impressively high debut for a song with no features given Red’s dramatic rise to fame. The song has already hit the top spot on the Apple Music charts, marking the first time Red has done that as a solo artist.

One of Red’s biggest hits to date is her collaboration with Drake and SZA “Rich Baby Daddy.” A few months ago the song got a music video that played off of Red’s real life pregnancy. What do you think of Adin Ross and Sexyy Red teaming up for a livestream later this week? Do you think the pair’s back and forth earlier this year was just an attempt to build up hype for the stream? Let us know in the comment section below.

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