Shannon Sharpe Clowned Yet Again, This Time For Harmless Steph Curry Interaction

Shannon Sharpe is easily one of the best sports commentators in the game right now. Overall, he made his mark on Undisputed, however, he was eventually able to do big things with First Take. He is currently still on First Take, all while crafting a media empire with Club Shay Shay. At this point, Sharpe remains one of the biggest names and draws in the entire industry. It has been incredible to watch him grow, although it has certainly come with some hate. For instance, numerous comedians recently came after him with gay allegations. Even Antonio Brown has been going off on Sharpe on Twitter, although we believe it might be someone else running the account at this point.

Recently, Shannon Sharpe was at a Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors game. Following the match, Shannon went into the tunnel near the locker rooms, where he met up with Curry. During the encounter, they took a picture and Steph even signed some shoes for Shannon. As you can see below, Shannon was standing around awkwardly throughout the encounter, although it wasn’t anything egregious. Regardless, the internet decided to do its thing anyway.

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In the tweets which can be seen below, fans were quick to say that Shannon was standing in a weird fashion. Moreover, some got specific with their roasts, noting that Sharpe looked as if he was scared that LeBron would see him. One person even said that Sharpe looked as though he wanted to get out of there and have Steph sign the shoes as fast as possible. Once again, it was a case of the internet doing a little bit too much. At some point, everyone has to let Shannon live his life.

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