Spy MC – “Patience” (Album Review)

Spy MC is a rising rapper from San Antonio, Texas. After years of work and dedication, he has released his debut project, “Patience” on all streaming services. With a path set for success, will Spy MC be able to put his name on the map?

Showing San Antonio has something to say, Spy MC displays his ability to turn up on the microphone. From the opening tracks “Lucid”, “Hurricane Jose” and “Been Spittin”, it is clear that Spy MC is a stylistic mixed bag. From making hyped up trap bangers to his lyrically driven story songs, Spy thrives from being multifaceted. Despite my praise, I think this can also work as a weakness at times, as seen on “Killin It” which sounds like a blatant rip off a JID song. Emotional pain and torture is a theme emphasized throughout the record. Cuts like “Matter” and “Transitions” show this at its pinnacle. “Finally” was a definite standout as Spy’s intoxicating vocals and conscious lyrics hypnotize the listener. Closing things out, “PATIENCE” ties everything together as we exit the trip out of Spy MC’s deluded mind. With a blend of styles, things stay interesting, and Spy MC is able to leave a mark on the listener.

Sonically, “Patience” has a great soundtrack to accompany Spy MC’s vocals. From the chilling “Lucid” to the hard-hitting “Stella”, there is something for every hip hop fan here. “Finally” was a definite standout as its intoxicating samples make you feel like your inside of a dream. “Killin It” was another one of my favorite instrumentals as it’s adventurous and daring. Overall, the craftsmanship and quality of each instrumental here makes Spy MC’s debut one of a kind.

In conclusion, “Patience” is a promising start to a very promising artist’s career. From his solid lyrical ability to his abrasive flow, Spy MC is super versatile and engaging with his audience. If you’re like me and want to see what this talented up and comer does next, be sure to follow @sanantonio_banderas on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Versatility, Subject Matter, Production