Stevie J Wants To Fight 50 Cent Over Recent Claims About Diddy

This week there have been a lot of celebrities online sharing thoughts about Diddy. That’s because at the start of the week two of his residences were raided by the feds. They revealed that the raids were in connection with sex trafficking allegations. That came just a few weeks after a lawsuit from Lil Rod made some evocative claims about the rap mogul having sex with other male celebrities and musicians like Stevie J. That one aspect became one of the most talked about details of the entire Diddy saga.

While plenty have been rushing to get their thoughts in recently, 50 Cent has been talking about Diddy nearly nonstop for months. Dating all the way back to Cassie initial lawsuit last year, which broke the dam of accusations against the rap mogul through, 50 has been talking. He was posting on Instagram nearly daily trying to find new ways to take shots at Diddy. Unsurprisingly, that never really slowed up and it’s kicked into overdrive in the past few days. But he might have taken a step too far with one particular post that drew the ire of Stevie J and even resulted in a threat aimed back at him. Check out the post and response below.

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Stevie J Wants To Fight Diddy

After seeing 50 include his name in grooming allegations, Stevie J clapped back. In a video he shared he called out the rapper directly. He doesn’t hesitate in straight up saying he wants to fight him in a televised bout. Stevie claims he wants to “shoot the fade” with the rapper following his newest allegations. He then makes it very clear that he believes in himself not just to start the fight, but win it.

What do you think of Stevie J threatening to fight 50 Cent over claims he made online? Do you think 50 needs to be careful with who he speaks about publicly? Let us know in the comment section below.

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