Stoney Kev – “The New World” (Album Review)

Stoney Kev is an upcoming rapper from New York. Teaming up with industry titan and producer Gem en Eye, the two worked during the COVID-19 pandemic to create their brand new album “The New World”. Attempting to launch his career, will Stoney Kev be able to make the unforgettable project he needs? 

Using his crafty lyrical ability to commentate on various world events, Stoney Kev shows he can be conscious hip hops next leader. Setting the tone with “War Money”, Kev challenges our government’s ability to take care of us and put the people in their best interest. Following this, What’s the Worth?” and “Radio World” continue to denounce the leaders responsible for the pain our society has endured. At the pinnacle of this, “Quarantine” takes the world’s current troubles and puts it into one unforgettable enraged anthem. Moving towards the more personal side of things, Kev captivates the listener by telling his life story on the cuts “Conditioning (Control)”, “Boundaries”, and “Runnin’”. “This Too Shall Pass” stuck out as the record’s highlight due to the rant Stoney goes on revolving around the themes of betrayal and optimism. Overall, the well-rounded skillset of Stoney Kev makes him “Fortunate” enough to capture fans and critics attention alike on the album. 

Behind the boards, Gem en Eye creates a dynamic soundtrack to complement Stoney Kev’s illusive storytelling. Starting off with the excellent, “A New Age”, Gem takes a speech exposing the secrets of the world and mixes it into his well crafted hard-hitting beat. Past this, Gem en Eye’s soundtrack is multifaceted as it is changing at every corner. From the electro-soul sampled “What’s the Worth?” to the vibrant boom-bap sound of “Flatline”, there is so much Gem displays in this 36-minute offering. “Quarantine” pushes his intensity to new levels as its echoing drums and intoxicating base will make anyone listening feel like they are falling down a bottomless pit. “This Too Shall Pass”, “5g (The Fifth Gen)”, and “Boundaries” only continue to show Gem en Eye’s ability to create beautiful sounds. Working to the best of his abilities, Gem en Eye shows he is one of the most desirable producers in the underground scene right now.

In conclusion, “The New World” shows the promising start to a very talented rapper’s career. Having the ability to contribute powerful social commentary on enduring world issues is a special skill and early in his career, Stoney Kev already sounds like a veteran in this role. Additionally, Gem en Eye’s talent as a producer is seen at full throttle as he puts together one of the most compelling soundtracks I have heard recently. Going forward, I hope Stoney Kev and Gem en Eye continue to work together as it seems like they can turn out to be the next great rapper/producer duo.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Consciousness, Production