Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko – “After the World Got to Us” (EP Review)

Donnie Darko is an emcee from New Jersey most known for his extensive collaborations with New York producer, DJ & occasional Black Sunday partner-in-rhyme Sutter Kain. They just dropped a fantastic EP back in April called Before the World Got to Us & here we are 4 months later with a sequel project.

The album kicks off with “Tesla”, where Donnie talks about being a veteran over a hard hitting beat. The next song “Dark Noise” talks about how dope he is over a dark boom bap beat while the track “Trigger Music, Pt. 2” of course talks about guns over a beat with an alluring vocal sample. The song “Dark Sounds” talks about his opponents not being built the same as him over an apocalyptic instrumental while the track “Winter Music, Pt. 5” gets violent over a suspenseful boom bap beat.

The song “Death Merchants, Pt. 2” is a bloodthirsty horrorcore posse cut while the track “Dark Moments” with Appollo Valdez sees the 2 coming with the battle bars over a boom bap beat with some choir vocals in the background. The song “Dark Voices” talks about how he’s just doing his thing over an instrumental with a chilling loop while the penultimate track “Death by High Noon” with Danny DieRich & Mike Sanders sees the 3 talking about murder over a boom bap beat with some synths. The closer “Going Through the Motions Pt. 3” with McNastee then finds the 2 talking about what’s on their minds over a bleak instrumental.

As much as I really enjoyed Before the World Got to Us, this new EP is a cut above it. Donnie Darko & Sutter Kain continue to display their ever-so-natural chemistry as their respective lyricism & production on here is a lot darker than it was on the EP we heard just 4 months ago.

Score: 8/10