The Game Criticizes J Cole For “Watering Down” Rap Battles

J Cole cannot catch a break. He was roasted by the rap community after he decided to apologize to Kendrick Lamar and take his diss track off streaming platforms. He was clowned by Kanye West on the “Like That” remix despite no longer being involved in the battle. Now, another Compton icon, The Game, has decided to take shots at Jermaine Cole on social media. The Game responded to a comment from Officially Ice by blaming the current state of rap battles on Cole. He really didn’t hold back.

Officially Ice is a panelist on the Joe Budden Podcast, which means he’s entrenched in the battle going on between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. He also remembers what it was like when The Game was going to war with the likes of 50 Cent and G-Unit. He remembers when Game was dropping classic diss songs like “300 Bars N Runnin” in the mid-2000s. “I want one of these rap n**gas to diss Game,” Ice tweeted. “Just so y’all can what a proper diss record looks like.” The Game responded to the post by saying his approach to battles is outdated because it doesn’t follow rules.

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The Game Thinks Cole Hurt The Genre By Apologizing

“My level of disrespect has no limit and I can actually rap rap,” Game wrote back. “Fans gone choose up with whatever artist is currently safe for the culture to love as a whole.” The Compton hitmaker went on to denigrate the way things have changed in the last two decades, before turning his attention to J. Cole. “Hip hop/Rap or whatever y’all calling it these days was already watered down,” he asserted. “Then Cole apologized and turned this sh*t to Kool-Aid wit no sugar.” This is actually the first time that The Game has spoken on the J. Cole apology. Given the rapper’s combative history, though, it’s not a surprise to learn he hated it.

The Game may be from the same city as Kendrick Lamar, but the rapper has collaborated with both Dot and Drake in the past. Drake even threw subliminal disses at Lamar when he appeared on the rapper’s 2015 single “100.” The Game posted a Drake quote on Instagram shortly after the battle started, which led many fans to theorize that he was choosing the 6 God’s side. He’s since clarified that he’s a fan of Lamar, and thinks he’s an “incredible” rapper. None of this reverence, however, applies to J. Cole.

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