Veeze Blasts Stephen A. Smith For Kobe Bryant Hate

Detroit, Michigan, rapper Veeze has had enough of Stephen A. Smith. After a segment where the ESPN personality discussed the late Kobe Bryant, Veeze angrily called Smith out. He alleges that Stephen A. is biased and has genuine hatred for Kobe Bryant. The rapper thinks that Stephen A. has a vendetta against the late NBA superstar because he doesn’t place him as the greatest Laker of all time. Veeze posted an angry video calling out Stephen A. Smith on Instagram. Veeze really went off making fun of Stephen A. in a hilarious but passionate video.

Lakers fans are passionate about their team, but it’s well-known that they are an unrealistic bunch. Kobe Bryant fans are even more passionate because he is their favorite player, so I’m not putting him on. The highest possible pedestal angers Kobe fans. They feel like if he isn’t the best ever, then you are being disrespectful to his legacy and are hating. Veeze obviously loves Kobe Bryant and wanted to call out Stephen A. Smith as a hater because he did not give the highest praise to Kobe Bean.

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Veeze Calls Out Stephen A. Smith

Veeze starts out by saying that Kobe Bryant always gets hated. He calls Stephen A. Smith biased for the players he likes and biased against the players he doesn’t. He says he doesn’t agree with anything Smith has to say because he is a major Kobe hater. He also went on to call out Stephen A.’s suit game as well as the ESPN Analysts’ hairline. he called him “Bert and Ernie, in reference to the Sesame Street characters, one of whom shares a similar hairline to Smith in Veeze’s eyes. all in all, it’s safe to say there is some major beef between the Michigan rapper and Stephen A. Smith.

He continued by calling Smith a loser. He then called him out by saying he needed to bring up all the hall of fame players MJ Kareem and Magic played with as opposed to Kobe, who only played with the most dominant force in basketball history in Shaq and Pau Gasol. Overall, Veeze is a Kobe stan, any slight, no matter how small, is going to be taken as major disrespect.

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