Vish-K – “Lucky Turned Favored” (EP Review)

With so many hot new artists coming out of Atlanta, GA right now, it’s the perfect time for Vish-K to follow suit and receive his seat at the top among the rest.  With his recent debut EP release “Lucky Turned Favored” the five-track project takes fans inside the emerging artist’s underworld adventures. Arising from the bottom, the project is a short but sweet effort that brings the artist on the rise sound to the masses. Starting off with a real heavy hitting single “Part of Me”, he decides if he will be the next big thing or back to the drawing board.

Lyrically, Vish-K is, if anything else, cunning and chameleon, especially on his track “Upper-Unity”. Surprising, aggressive and street smart, he rhymes in code, integrates trending terms and tells a cliche story that fans love with a fresh take. It’s almost effortless how impressive the rapper’s street-driven abilities throughout the bite-size project. With one listen of  Vish-K and you’re be instantly addicted.

The EP’s production is simplistic, with a raw mix of Boom Bap and trap at the same time. Being so short, the EP’s sound easily attracts as it stay consistent track-to-track. This is a similar trait that many legends have been known to follow when it comes to beat selection, especially with his most notable single “Irregular”. Vish-K builds trust and genuine chemistry for all his fans that reflects off his astonishing work that will go unforgotten.

A real student of the game, the new EP showcases an ever-evolving Vish-K. His gritty rhymes perfectly reflect the late 90s Hip Hop that propelled today’s superstars (Jay Z, Eminem) with a solid Atlanta homegrown influence. Understanding what works, how to execute and how to intrigue, Vish-K converts newfound fans easily and will have them eager to check out previous releases. A pivotal moment in his career, Vish-K is only one song away from becoming a trailblazer. Overall, if you enjoy or miss that raw Atlanta street knowledge than Welcome to “Lucky Turned Favored”, which is just for you.  Follow him on Instagram @vishkmusik.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism