Who Is Tommy Richman? The Singer Behind The Hit Song “Million Dollar Baby”

Tommy Richman has made waves across the internet with the release of his new song, “MILLION DOLLAR BABY.” The track, which dropped on April 26, made a big impact on streaming platforms, thanks to its infectious funky vibes and Richman’s effortlessly smooth vocal riffs. Building anticipation, Richman initially teased the song on TikTok with a nostalgic VHS-style video featuring him and his crew vibing to the music. Soon after, the teaser quickly caught fire, scoring millions of views on the popular social media platform. Now, many are wondering just who the artist is, especially as Tommy Richman sets his sights on topping the Hot 100. Here’s what we know.

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Tommy Richman’s upbringing in Woodbridge, Virginia, a suburb just outside of Washington, D.C., was notably devoid of music. Growing up in a household where his father, a drum teacher, and his legally deaf mother didn’t necessarily foster a musical environment, Richman discovered his passion for music independently, according to an interview with Lyrical Lemonade. Despite the absence of melodies at home, he felt a profound connection to music and decided to pursue it on his own. Richman’s formative years were subsequently deeply influenced by the vibrant music scene of the Washington metropolitan area. Early on, he began receiving vocal lessons, dedicating himself to refining his musical talents and absorbing insights from the musicians around him. Additionally, the immersion in the local music community shaped Tommy Richman’s artistic journey. Furthermore, it fueled his development as a musician.

Tommy Richman’s Rise To Stardom

Richman made his debut in 2016 with the track “Ballin’ Stalin.” Since then, he has released several more singles, including: “Sand Man,” “Tu Pax,” “Chrono Trigger,” and “Bad Boys.” Tommy Richman isn’t afraid to bend, shift, and switch genres, which is becoming increasingly evident. Inspired by a diverse spectrum of artists, including Mötley Crüe, KISS, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent, Richman’s creative process is deeply rooted in emotional intuition. This also allows him to effortlessly transition between alternative vibes and R&B tones within his music. His tracks exemplify his genuine approach. 

“Electrify Tonight” captivates with its rich, inviting melody, while “Games” exudes infectious energy, showcasing Tommy Richman’s raw authenticity and musical versatility. These songs are a testament to his ability to connect with listeners on a profound level. His versatile musical talent quickly caught the attention of multi-platinum artist Brent Faiyaz. By August 2023, Richman had signed with Faiyaz’s label, Iso Supremacy, in collaboration with PULSE Records. This new partnership led to an exciting opportunity for him to open for Faiyaz on his F*ck the World, It’s a Wasteland Tour later that year. A significant moment also came when Richman, alongside FELIX!, was featured on Brent Faiyaz’s track “Upset,” marking Tommy Richman’s breakthrough in the music industry. Hailing from Virginia, this level of success was exceptional. 

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Reflecting On His Success

Reflecting on his journey in an interview with Miami New Times, Tommy Richman expressed the challenges of getting recognition in his hometown. He stated: “There’s a lot of passion through the scene back home, and I feel like it’s because a lot of people don’t get a fair shake. It’s really hard to have your voice heard there. That’s probably why a lot of people from Virginia left, like Pharrell and Timbaland. It’s kind of key for an artist to leave their nest. That way, you can appreciate where you come from.”

He also went on to reminisce about the time he spent making music in his mother’s basement and expressed his gratitude for everyone who had helped him get to where he is now. “When I would work in my mother’s basement for hours on tracks, and she’d be telling me to get a real job like most moms, I’d be like, ‘No, no, no, it’s gonna work out,’” he said. “And now, to be recognized by other hardworking people, I’m just very grateful, and it definitely inspires me to keep going.”

Tommy Richman’s Newfound Fame


Tommy Richman’s music has gained millions of streams, propelled by his distinctive production style and fearless disregard for genre boundaries. In 2023, he released his EP, The Rush. However, pn April 26, 2024, he dropped the infectious track “MILLION DOLLAR BABY.” This song quickly went viral and catapulted him to TikTok stardom. It has also inspired numerous creators to dance to its catchy beat and create fun edits using the song, leading to its #2 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Next week, it challenges Kendrick Lamar‘s “Euphoria” for the top spot on the same chart. Despite having a relatively small discography, Tommy Richman has amassed millions of fans worldwide, with more joining in.  

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