XP The Marxman & Roc Marciano – “Continua a Sparare” Keep Firing (EP Review)

XP the Marxman is an MC from Los Angeles, California who came up as 1/3 of the trio Rhyme Addicts. He would eventually branch out for a solo career & has released a few projects since. However as a huge marijuana advocate, he’s celebrating 4/20 with a brand new EP entirely produced by none other than Roc Marciano, “Continua a Sparare” Keep Firing.

“The Have Nots” that kicks the EP off talks about life in the ghetto over an Italian-flavored instrumental & after the titular interlude, the next song “Get Paid” of course talks about making money over an ominous instrumental. The track “No Idea” shows listeners how it is over a more upbeat instrumental while the song “Who Shot Ghost?” hooks up with Termanology to paint some vividly dark imagery over a supernatural instrumental. The EP finishes off with “Season Eatings”, where XP takes a more predominantly melodic approach over a smooth instrumental.

If you wanna get into XP’s music, I highly recommend starting off with this because I think it’s his best release to date. He sounds hungrier than ever, Roc Marciano goes to show that he’s just as much of an incredible producer as he is an MC & it all comes together naturally. This project will definitly be changing the landscape for XP’s career in the future. 

Score: 8/10