XXXTentacion Lashes Out In Previously Unreleased Interrogation Footage

XXXTentacion left an indelible impression on the music world. He was an immensely talented artist who was also accused of and charged with heinous criminal acts. X’s death at the age of 20 meant that he’d never get a chance to make up for his mistakes, or serve the jail time that some fans felt he should have. The men who were convicted of murdering XXXTentacion are still in the process of appealing their ruling. DJ Akademiks, however, turned the clock back on May 1 by posting previously unseen footage of the rapper during an interrogation.

The interrogation took place in 2016. XXXTentacion was arrested for stabbing Dylan Turner aka Tablez. The rapper can seen sitting on the right side of an interrogation room, where he is handcuffed to a chair. The audio quality is low, as DJ Akademiks points out, but X’s rage doesn’t need much interpretation. “All we got right now,” the interrogating officer stated. “Is that you went in there and grabbed his knife.” X slammed his head against the wall in frustration, yelling over the officer’s words.

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XXXTentacion Curses Out The Interrogating Officer

The officer continued to explain what he felt went down, but X struggled to articulate his side of the story. “What the f*ck,” he said. “How–.” The rapper cut himself off to bury his head in his hands. “F*ck this sh*t,” he added. “F*ck this sh*t.” The situation looks dire from the footage, but XXXTentacion was actually released shortly after this interrogation took place.

Tablez made a full recovery from his injury, and agreed to drop all charges against the rapper. He said he didn’t “want one bad choice to define who [XXXTentacion] was.” In return, the rapper paid for Tablez’s medical bills. He also apologized to Tablez over the stabbing. “Thank you for dropping the charges,” X later asserted. “As f*cked up as the situation is, I am forever in your debt.”

XXXTentacion and Tablez may have made up, but both artists died before their time. The former was shot and killed in 2018, and the latter died from a drug overdose in 2022. Tablez was the “manager” for both X and Ski Mask the Slump God early in their careers, in addition to being part of the Members Only collective.

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