Young Malk – “Plandemic” (Mixtape Review)

Young Malk is a rising rapper from Newport Beach, CA. With all of the chaos occurring in our society, Malik has decided to use the crazed year of 2020 to create his new album “Plandemic”. The project isn’t just one of the most socially aware projects I’ve heard this year; it’s one of the best as well.

Young Malk is a lyrical genius as he uses grief and fury to fuel his pen game. He covers an array of subjects ranging from his personal losses to the current coronavirus pandemic. You can hear the raw emotion in each word Young Malk blurts out as he questions things such as why lawmakers would let such a deathly outbreak rise out of hand. Talking about subjects like these, make the Newport Beach mc feel super relatable to anyone listening. Matching the strong content is Malk’s writing skills, which feel nearly perfect as he has a plethora of quotable lines, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking rhymes. Being relatable, complex, and loaded with depth is arduous to most rappers but, Malk is excellent at all three.

The production on Plandemic is versatile and intuitive. Each instrumental plays to the mood of the track, causing the overall theme and lesson Malk is trying to get forward to feel stronger. The beats range in style as the track “Blame You” contains a trap beat but, the song “Will The Cycle Change” has a more minimalistic approach. While some albums with a display of different styles may seem rushed and messy, Plandemic thrives with its vast beat selection.

In summary, Plandemic checks off all the boxes a great rap album requires. With super-strong substance, profound lyricism, and beautiful production, the project is easily one of the best in 2020. It is evident everything Young Malk stated came from his heart, and his only goal was to spread awareness and make the world a better place. After this tape, I’m stoked to see what Young Malk has planned for the future. Be sure to follow @YoungMalk on Twitter so you can see what he has in store for his next masterpiece!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Production, Relatability