Yung Miami Called Out By Fans For Support Of Sukihana’s JT Diss

It’s been nothing but turbulence dating back to last year for the City Girls. They dropped their new album RAW back in October. The album sports an impressive feature list with Lil Durk, Muni Long, Juicy J, Usher, and Kim Petras all made contributions. Despite that, the album underperformed commercially and today only “No Bars” and “Good Love” sit with more than 10 million streams on Spotify. The albums like of commercial success led to questions about the future of the City Girls as a duo and turbulence between JT and Yung Miami since hasn’t helped.

The alleged rumors of hard feelings between the two came to a head earlier this year when they had a brief spat online. Though they made up with each other pretty quickly fans still can’t help but suspect things might not be perfect. The newest example of why is a comment Yung Miami left on a Sukihana song that contained disses aimed at her City Girls contemporary. Fans of the duo and of JT herself didn’t take that too kindly. That led to a series of interactions on Twitter between Miami and fans commenting on her seemingly endorsing a JT diss track. Check out what she had to say to some people online below.

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Yung Miami Argues With Fans Over Sukihana’s JT Diss

After asking an upset fan on Twitter if they “had a problem” another fan explained the issue. She called out Miami for the “character” that she puts on while getting in social media drama. She accuses Miami of knowing exactly why people get mad at her and plays into it. With the rapper’s response all she could say was that she talked to JT and things were fine.

What do you think of Yung Miami’s interactions with fans online after commenting on a Sukihana song that takes shots at JT? Do you believe her when she says she’s talked to her fellow City Girl and cleared things up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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