50 Cent Pours Millions Into Shreveport, Emerging As Key Property Owner 


50 Cent is making his vision to transform Shreveport, Louisiana, a reality after investing millions in the city. 

Shreveport is home to the entertainment mogul’s G-Unit Studios, where 50 Cent will expand his film and television empire. Fox33 News reports 50 Cent has purchased more than 10 properties in downtown Shreveport, making him the second largest property owner in the region. 

Since last month, 50 Cent has reportedly dished out a whopping $2.4 million on his Shreveport properties. Among the various buildings and vacant lots is 301 Spring Street, which he paid over $1M for.  

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G-Unit Studios is set to spark more investment in Shreveport, bring jobs and boost tourism and locals couldn’t be happier.  

“What this means is Shreveport could be on the trajectory to be one of the fastest-growing cities, not only with population but with economic development,” Councilman Alan Jackson said in April. “People are moving back home. People are investing in Shreveport. And we see all it took was 50 Cent to light that spark.” 

50 Cent Vists Tyler Perry Studios

50 Cent recently revealed his plans to work with Tyler Perry to take G-Unit Studios to the next level. Perry’s Atlanta Studios is one of the largest film production studios in America and reportedly the largest Black-owned studio in the world.  

On Tuesday (June 25) 50 Cent shared some clips from his meeting with Tyler Perry, and the filmmaker rolled out the red carpet. 

“I’m leaving no room for error,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption. “Tyler showed me some s### today that inspired me. I need all my money if you owe me, you better give me mine now!” 

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G-Unit Studios will launch with a grand opening on August 8. The official launch coincides with 50 Cent’s highly anticipated Humor & Harmony Festival. The four-day event from Thursday, August 8 to Sunday, August 11, will include a star-studded guest list mixing comedy, music, sports and more.