50 Cent Taunts Rick Ross Over Canada Brawl: “Hope That Brother Made It Home Safely” 

50 Cent couldn’t wait to share his reaction after Rick Ross and his crew got into a violent brawl at a festival in Canada on Sunday (June 30).

On Monday morning (July 10) 50 Cent took to Instagram with a video mocking Ross. “I just saw a very unfortunate situation that took place in Canada and I wanted to say to everyone that I hope that brother made it home safely,” he began.  

“I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world,” 50 Cent added before suggesting Rick Ross get better protection.  

“Let’s choose peace and positive vibes because,” he captioned the video before adding, “Nah pick up ya mans he over there laid out. LOL.” 

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The mayhem at the festival began after the DJ played Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us.” Footage from the brawl appeared to show Rick Ross take a jab to the face, sparking chaos. Videos show multiple people taking brutal beatings, with blows and kicks freely flying.  

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50 Cent Says Rick Ross Won’t Be Going Back To Canada “Acting Like It Ain’t What It Is”

50 Cent also posted a video of Rick Ross’ baby mama, Tia Kemp, reacting to the fight. “My guess is ya, won’t be going back to Canada acting like it ain’t what it is,” the G-Unit boss wrote. 

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Meanwhile, Tia Kemp hopped on Instagram Live early on Monday to taunt Ross. She roasted him for going to Canada without adequate security after feuding with Drake.   

“There should have been a hundred of you n##### over there in Canada,” Kemp said. “I’m sorry, all that s### that fat b#### been talking, what make y’all think you can go over there with that b#######?”  

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