50 Cent War With “Snitch” Who Allegedly Stole From Liquor Brand Escalates In $4M Countersuit

50 Cent is facing legal trouble. Consultant Michael Caruso has filed a $4 million lawsuit claiming the rapper cut him out of a business deal with Sire Spirits without proper compensation.

The lawsuit alleges that Caruso’s company played a crucial role in launching and promoting Sire Spirits’ premium liquor brand starting in 2015, but he was short-changed regarding his promised ownership stake.

In court documents, Caruso states he devoted years of hard work and expertise to firmly establish the Sire Spirits brand within the fiercely competitive spirits industry.

“Mr. Caruso dedicated his time, expertise, and resources to ensure the success of Sire Spirits,” Caruso’s attorney, Paul J. Fishman, said, emphasizing Caruso’s significant contributions to the company.

Despite Caruso’s efforts, he swears he was ultimately excluded from the deal, receiving neither his due compensation nor his agreed-upon ownership stake.

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Caruso, who once helped manage Wu-Tang Clan, makes several accusations against 50 Cent, pointing to forced unpaid services extended to the TV mogul, Sire Spirits and G-Unit.

Further, the lawsuit accuses 50 of wrongfully recording a phone conversation between Caruso and another individual without their consent, claiming it was an infringement of privacy and leveraged maliciously during legal proceedings, depositions and arbitration hearings.

Paul J. Fishman highlighted this in his statement saying, “This illegal recording was a clear violation of privacy and an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in legal proceedings. Mr. Caruso’s rights were maliciously disregarded, and he suffered damages as a result.”

Caruso seeks $4 million in damages for breach of contract, illegal wiretapping, and other related claims. His legal team asserts that the compensation sought accurately reflects the economic losses Caruso allegedly suffered.

50 Cent has not been shy about his disdain for Caruso, who was connected to Peter Gatien, the owner of the notorious Limelight nightclub in New York.

The rapper star blasted Caruso on social media and claimed he snitched on Gatien and cooperated with authorities to expose drug dealing at the club.

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“This Fool been snitching since 1942 Don Julio!” 50 Cent wrote in a since deleted post. “You know he gonna tell on everybody. LOL @beamsuntory is f*cked, they was paying this guy Michael Caruso a half a million a year and him and his partner Julious Grant put this together. @beamsuntory @jimbeamofficial This is gonna make a great Tv show. @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi.”

This lawsuit has erupted in a preexisting context of legal disputes for 50 Cent, who is embroiled in another legal skirmish involving Beam Suntory Inc. related to fraud and embezzlement tied to his alcohol brands, including Sire Spirits, Le Chemin du Roi champagne, and Branson cognac.

In this separate dispute, Beam Suntory representatives Caruso and Julious Grant allegedly engaged in an embezzlement scheme with Mitchell Green, a consultant, suspected of manipulating product prices through secret fees and kickbacks, pocketing millions between 2015 and 2020.

Green was found guilty, and an arbitration panel determined that he must pay more than $6 million to 50 Cent’s company.

Despite obtaining the court judgment, Green filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, prompting 50 Cent to pursue personal assets, including the seizure of Green’s house to recover part of the $6.2 million judgment awarded.