AKA Murder Suspect Begs Judge For Freedom, South African Prosecutors Want Justice


Hip-Hop lost one of its rising stars with the shocking assassination of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his chef Tebello “TIBZ” Motsoane.

A Durban businessman is allegedly linked to this tragic event with a suspicious payment of approximately $48,963 made soon after the murders.

According to South African authorities, this sum was transferred to Mziwethemba Gwabeni as an alleged payment for orchestrating what resulted in a deadly night.

Gwabeni lost his attempt to get out of his alleged involvement in AKA’s murder when the State dismissed Gwabeni’s defense that insisted the money was for legitimate business transactions.

Prosecutors noted the absence of corroborative documents such as invoices or business contracts.

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Adding depth to the State’s case, other payments reflected potential monetary ties to criminal activities beyond the murders.

Furthermore, investigations have linked the firearms used in AKA’s murder to other violent crimes, suggesting a broader spectrum of illegal undertakings.

The State is committed to getting justice for AKA and TIBZ, emphasizing that evidence extends beyond monetary transactions, including physical and witness testimonies.

AKA and TIBZ were tragically murdered outside Wish restaurant in Durban, South Africa, on February 10, 2023.

Authorities have arrested six suspects linked to the killings, including Gwabeni, the alleged mastermind.

A critical hearing on bail for Gwabeni is set for May 15.