Al B. Sure! Suggests Diddy Put Him In A Coma!

Al B. Sure! Brother!

For the record, I understand that the news section covered this already, but I have a different perspective! My perspective is from the streets’ point of view. Al B. Sure! is telling! I am not mad at him, but he’s telling!

Al is dropping some heavy hints that his scary coma a few years ago might have some links to Diddy. So, Al B. Sure! popped up at the Equal Justice Now Awards in L.A. this Friday, pushing for equal healthcare with Attorney Ben Crump. But, when he grabbed the mic, he threw a slick, mysterious shout-out Diddy on the subliminal tip. But he knew what he was doing!

The truth of the matter is, he said we are going to get the full 411 on how he ended up in a coma back in 2022. The rumors and conspiracies have long suggested Diddy had something to do with it. As well, the rumors have said that there was foul play in the deal of Kim Porter, who shares children witih both men. There’s no shortage of bad blood between them, in my opinion.

Now, Al’s hinting there’s a Diddy connection to his health nightmare, but he’s keeping the cards close to his chest. He’s not spilling the beans even when TMZ pressed him.

I wonder what his real relationship is like with Quincy Combs, who has been deep in the Combs Family for a minute now. They’ve had a bit of a rocky path, tracing back to the ’90s. Al’s recent “come home” shout to Quincy, especially with Diddy’s drama bubbling, was him just saying love never fades for his kid.

Anyway, I am going to sleep. Hopefully, I do not dream of any of this.

Let us take a trip down memory lane…

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