Angela Simmons Pleads For Forgiveness In Statement Apologizing For Wearing Gun-Shaped Purse 

Angela Simmons has issued a lengthy statement apologizing and asking for forgiveness after she initially defended carrying a bedazzled gun-shaped purse to the 2024 BET Awards. 

Simmons faced intense criticism over the purse, especially as she lost her former fiancé and the father of her son to a shooting in 2018. However, her first reaction to the backlash didn’t go down too well. In a video, Simmons explained she meant “no harm,” and called it a cool “fashion moment.” 

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Late on Monday evening (July 1), Simmons took to her Instagram Story with a heartfelt apology. She admitted she “made a poor decision in using it as an accessory to amplify my beauty.” Simmons added that it was “inappropriate and insensitive, especially given my personal and community experiences with gun violence.” 

Simmons also acknowledged how the incident affected those impacted by gun violence. “For my entire life, I have always exemplified peace, unification, and the resolution of gun violence in America. I have personally lost my partner, the father of my child, to gun violence, and I have witnessed its devastating impact on my community in Southeast Queens,” she added.  

She highlighted her work with “Erica Ford, a leading gun violence activist,” and that of her own organization, insisting she has “always been about making peace a lifestyle.” Calling gun violence “a disease,” she recognized the specific impact it has among young people and Black men.  

Angela Simmons Admits The Purse Was A Mistake

Angela Simmons admitted carrying the gun-shaped purse “was a mistake,” and offered her deepest apologies. 

She concluded: “I ask for your understanding and forgiveness, and I hope you can accept my sincere apology. While this incident was a misstep, I will not allow it to define my moral compass or my commitment to promoting peace and ending gun violence. Thank you for your continued support in this crucial mission.” 

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