Artist Spotlight: JGOTITT – “Dripp” (Official Music Video)

So many new talents have appeared during the past six months in Hip-Hop. Although each has something to bring to the game, some stand out with their unique skills. One of them is undoubtedly JGOTITT who  surprised everyone by dropping a music video for his track “Dripp,” representing his hometown of Atlanta with full power. He has recently teamed-up with producer Gregory “D” Blake and his company Hits On Fye, to make sure he is handled by the best team of professionals to help him achieve his objectives. The track is full of positive energy, catchy constructions, all built with a customized approach for him to layer his uniquely soothing flow with a striking precision throughout.  

His raw and unfiltered verses make the perfect rap banger, with visuals that beautifully illustrate and highlight the fun messages of the track. Solid stuff!