Benny The Butcher Reveals Short Jail Stint Following Recent Arrest 

Benny the Butcher revealed that he recently spent four days behind bars in Atlanta following a probation violation but was able to help out a fellow inmate during his short spell in jail. 

In a video posted on his Instagram Story on Sunday (July 7), the Buffalo native recalled his recent arrest.  

So last week, I got arrested,” Benny began. “I was in Gwinnett County for like four days. That’s the first time I ever made it on a unit in 11 years.” 

Benny The Butcher shared few details about why he wound up in jail, except to say it was a “b####### probation hold.” 

Nonetheless, the “Johnny P’s Caddy” hitmaker reflected on his time in jail, revealing a silver lining.  

“Long story short, I met some brothers that I probably wouldn’t have been able to meet if I wasn’t in there. I got to meet somebody and got the opportunity to help him with his lawyer.” 

Benny explained that he had never met the man before but felt obliged to help.  

“I helped that n#### just out of nowhere cuz that’s the least I could do,” he added. “Being back in there just open my eyes up and and just show me what’s still going on.

“That s### just made me feel good in my soul that I was able to do it, because I’ve been in that position before. I just be trying to help strangers. And I say this to say, a lot of you n##### is beyond help from other people. You got to help yourselves at this point,” he added. 

“Can’t nobody save you but your muthafuckin self, but that person in the mirror; your own worst enemy,” Benny concluded. 

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