Benzino Blasts Black People For Turning On Diddy: “Since When Do We Do That?” 

Benzino is coming to Diddy’s defense, claiming the Feds are only investigating the Hip-Hop mogul to “embarrass” and “humiliate” a Black man. 

On Tuesday (May 21), Benzino called out the lack of support for Diddy during an appearance on The Danza Project. He dismissed the Homeland Security raids of Diddy’s homes because they were based on “civil” lawsuits, not criminal charges.  

“Since when have we given the law, the system, one of ours?” he questioned. “Since when? This man ain’t been charged with nothing criminally. Not one f###### thing. They done went in the man’s property with tanks and army men and National Guards, and he ain’t got charged with one criminal charge right now to date.” 

Emphasizing that Diddy’s accusers are pursuing him through the civil courts and have not filed criminal charges, Benzino continued.  

“They don’t got one f###### charge yet.” he said of law enforcement. “I’m more upset about how our own are ready just to give him, ‘Here, take him. Lock him up.’ Since when do we do that?” 

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It is unclear if Benzino taped the interview before CNN released the disturbing surveillance footage of Diddy violently assaulting Cassie Ventura and his subsequent apology. The L.A. District Attorney’s Office confirmed charges cannot be brought in connection with this incident because it’s outside the statute of limitations. 

Many of Diddy’s accusers, including Cassie Ventura, filed lawsuits under the Adult Survivors Act. The law permitted sexual abuse victims a one-year window to file civil action regardless of the statute of limitations. Diddy’s alleged victims are reportedly cooperating with federal investigators. 

Benzino’s Diddy comments come just weeks after his daughter publicly disowned him shortly after he defended R. Kelly.  

“I want nothing to do with anything my father has going on,” she wrote earlier this month. “I haven’t spoken to him in over a year and I don’t condone or respect any of them interviews he got going on.”