Bianca Censori Denies “Abhorrent” Allegations In Lawsuit From Former Kanye West Employee 

Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, is denying allegations she sent p### to Yeezy employees, including minors, following a new lawsuit

The suit claimed staff were subjected to “forced labor and cruel inhuman, or degrading treatment” during their time working for the company. Kanye West and Bianca Censori are both named as defendants. In the lawsuit. Former Yeezy chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, is also listed as a defendant. 

On Monday (July 1), Yiannopoulos issued a statement on behalf of Censori via X (Twitter).  

“I’ve been authorized by Bianca to stress that any allegation that she showed or caused to be shown any pornographic material to minors is offensive, disgusting, abhorrent and categorically and wholly false,” he began. 

According to the filing, West hired a team that included underage teens for the launch of his YZYVSN streaming service app. He insisted they work “insanely long hours” and were sometimes referred to as “slaves,” or “new slaves.” In addition, white managers were accused of using harassing language toward minorities. 

However, in his statement, Yiannopoulos claimed the person who filed the lawsuit suit was never employed by Yeezy.  

“The tragic, desperate, attention-seeking wannabe Yeezy staffer behind this egregious and repulsive pack of lies, Shemar DaCosta, has never had any kind of access to Ye, his family, or Yeezy, or any information pertinent to the company, and he never will,” he added. 

Yiannopoulos also accused DaCosta of “histrionic and absurd race-baiting.” He said DaCosta’s claim he worked with Kanye West is “the most tragic, obvious, thirsty lie imaginable.”