Cardi B Slams YouTube Show After Raunchy Act Goes Viral

Cardi B recently expressed her dismay about an incident on YouTube’s “20 vs. 1” in which a woman performed oral sex on an aspiring rapper. The incident was even too much for Cardi, who’s known for her raunchy lyrics and sexually charged videos.

The Bronx-bred rapper commented on the situation’s irresponsibility and disrespectful nature. During an Instagram Live session, the Grammy Award-winning rapper criticized not just the woman involved but also the production team for allowing the explicit act to occur and go viral.

Cardi B pinpointed the lack of precaution against sexually transmitted diseases and impact of such actions on young viewers’ perceptions of appropriate behavior.

“To suck a dick in less than a minute with a two-sentence conversation is wild,” she said. “I want better for you. I need to teach you. I need to come back and be your teacher.”

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Cardi B’s reactions continued with a graphic description of the consequences, saying, “Your breath going to smell like dick until you go to sleep and I’m pretty sure you brush your teeth at night so the whole day you just ate some dick.”

The rapper, known for her unfiltered and straightforward commentary, said that people’s disregard for sexually transmitted diseases “scare me real bad,” acknowledging a comment from her live stream’s viewers agreeing with her worries.

The controversy stems from a segment on “20 vs. 1,” a program known for its dating game format that features a single participant, usually a rapper, interacting with numerous potential matches.

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The episode in question escalated inappropriateness as the sexual act was not part of the show’s standard proceedings, leading viewers to question the authenticity and real intent behind the filmed segment.

This backlash isn’t the first time Cardi B has spoken out about behavior and standards in the entertainment industry. Her own career and personal history, replete with striptease and candid revelations about her sex life, have often been at the forefront, sometimes overshadowing her musical achievements. However, Cardi leverages her platform to influence and critique society’s often-skewed portrayal of sexuality, aiming to instill a sense of responsibility among her audience and peers in the Hip-Hop community.

Her outspoken stance serves as a vivid reminder that actions broadcasted to the public can have enduring impacts, particularly on young, impressionable audiences.