Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene Can Be Proud To Count Black King Savior Among Its Talented Artists – “Going Crazy”

The Chicago Hip-Hop scene can be proud to count Black King Savior among its talented artists, representing his community and supporting the BLM movement with his latest release, “Going Crazy.” Black King Savior has dedicated his energy during many years to strengthening the unity and organization of the afro-american communities in their fight against police brutality, long before the BLM movement. 

However, he reached a tipping point when watching George Floyd’s video, and out of despair, wrote “Going Crazy.” This track can and will be the anthem of the millions of people fighting for equal rights in the United States, and that’s a well-deserved fact knowing the honest, and raw authenticity Black King Savior has been proving during the various projects he led for many years. Lyrically aggressive and brutally honest, “Going Crazy” is a debut masterpiece by one of Hip-Hop’s brightest Chicago-based artists.