Cornel West Salutes Macklemore For Dropping Pro-Palestinian Protest Song “Hind’s Hall”

Seattle-bred rapper Macklemore released “Hind’s Hall” on Monday (May 6). The track serves as a protest song for the pro-Palestinian demonstrations on university and college campuses. He will donate streaming proceeds from the track to UNRWA.

Macklemore called out American politicians, including U.S. President Joe Biden, for funding Israel’s war in Gaza. The song’s title references Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall building.

Students at Columbia University in New York City occupied Hamilton Hall. Eventually, New York City police officers raided the encampment and arrested more than 100 protesters.

Macklemore received a major endorsement for his “Hind’s Hall” record. 2024 U.S. presidential candidate Cornel West showed support for The Heist album creator on social media.

“I salute my brother @macklemore using his powerful artistry to tell some painful truths! #TruthJusticeLove,” Cornel West tweeted on Tuesday (May 6) in response to the Grammy Award winner’s political musical statement.

Macklemore has been an outspoken critic of Israel’s tactics in the country’s ongoing war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas. In October 2023, he denounced Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack but called Israel’s actions in Palestine a “genocide.”